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Since T-Mag™ hit the international stage at GIFA in 2007, there has been tremendous interest in the machine and the process. Major automotive companies and consultants have been visited overseas and we have hosted several trials and demonstrations to visitors at our plant in Adelaide.

T-Mag™ produces parts that can have highly complex internal shapes and are heat treatable and can be welded. The possibilities are endless with new uses being examined on a regular basis. The components produced are suitable for high integrity and high strength applications, which is not a feature of most high-pressure castings.

The global financial crisis has accelerated interest in seeking more efficient means of casting magnesium as a product and
T-Mag’s wide range of cost, weight reduction and environmental benefits provides a great marketing advantage to the end user in tough times.

With tougher emissions regimes being implemented across the world, we have a process that provides strong, light and highly cost effective outcomes to our customers and the end user.

Wheels and engine components made using T-Mag™ process.