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How T-Mag works

The T-Mag casting machine provides melting and casting operations in a single compact unit. It holds a furnace with an enclosed retort of molten magnesium alloy under cover gas atmosphere, connected to a die via a steel transfer pipe.

With the machine resting in the horizontal position, the molten magnesium alloy in the transfer tube lies just below the die. When casting, the machine rotates about a horizontal axis at a controlled speed, allowing molten magnesium to fill the die from the bottom.

Bottom filling ensures a smoother flow of material into the die and greater casting integrity than high-pressure methods.

When the programmed angle of rotation is reached, the machine comes to rest with the head of molten magnesium above the casting.

When solidification has progressed from the extremities of the casting to just beyond the gate, the machine rotates back to horizontal, causing the molten magnesium in the transfer tube to drop away from the small solidifying sprue.

The machine rests in this position allowing the casting to develop sufficient rigidity to be ejected.

Diagram showing the simplicity of the T-Mag casting process.