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Exciting developments across the world for T-Mag

2009-10-27 - Steve Groat

T-Mag attends EFM Conference Stuttgart

T-Mag Director Steve Groat attended the 7th Magnesium Automotive and User Seminar held in Stuttgart in September, 2009 and presented a paper entitled “Magnesium Alloy Casting: Innovative, Cost Effective and Highly Responsible”.

The Seminar brought together research and development groups and manufacturers seeking to integrate magnesium components in vehicles to reduce the weight, fuel use and emissions.

Steve met with Prof. Klein (pictured), one of the world’s leading experts on magnesium casting and visited Aalen facilities for interesting discussions in regards to prospects for T-Mag.


 TafeSA Regency Park Solar Challenge vehicle

T-Mag was called on by TafeSA to develop a set of full disk magnesium wheels for the Adelaide Darwin Solar Challenge when the team’s existing wheels proved unsuitable. T-Mag has 3 weeks to develop and completed the wheels which were cast in T-Mag Adelaide facility in record time.

The car developed by Regency Pk. TafeSA campus has a multitude of innovations in design and construction and the magnesium wheels provided substantive further weight reduction.
The TafeSA vehicle will enter in the 2010 challenge and the project has gained interest from other international entrants and suppliers.