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T-Mag Technology Licencing

2013-06-12 - Steve Groat

 T-Mag™ Pty Ltd’s strategy is to license its patented magnesium casting process to world regions.

The terms of a licence whilst subject to negotiation are constructed to meet the considerations of potential partners and will cover:

•   Regional sub license e.g. China; India, Eastern Europe; Western Europe, USA etc
•   The regional licensee will have the sole rights to the T-Mag™ process/design for the region.
•   The regional licensee can build machines for sale and T-Mag™ would seek to purchase machines from the 
     licensee for sale in other regions.
•   The regional licensee will have the rights to sell or license to other manufacturers in region.

The license fee will reflect:

•   The cost of developing the process over the last 10 years
•   The market potential of the region