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2013-06-11 - Steve Groat

Special alloys for high yield

T-Mag signed a contract in June to cast magnesium cells for experimentation in the energy sector. T-Mag is working with a highly innovate Australian company on this project.

Defence light-weighting opportunities

T-Mag is engaging with a number of international defence contractors, looking at opportunities to reduce armoured vehicle weight and to increase the operating range of these important defence vehicles.


Chinese interest in T-Mag

T-Mag’s Directors Steve Groat and Garry Williams returned to China in May 2010 to continue negotiations with potential Chinese licences and to attend a promotion with South Australian Government personnel.

This followed a number of earlier technical visit to casting and machine building facilities where ideas and concepts on magnesium casting were exchanged.

These trips have confirmed the positioning of the T-Mag technology as a future aid to enabling magnesium to be introduced into key light weight application and the role that Chinese manufacturers and suppliers will play in the transforming global manufacturing processes.

T-Mag hosts Chinese Delegations

T-Mag has hosted a number of Chinese firms at its Adelaide facilities during March and June with a further company visit planned for July.

The visits have allowed a hands-on demonstration of the T-Mag process and detailed discussions around licensing of the technology.

China is proving to be a leader in developing new protocols and standards for magnesium – especially in the automotive sector, and magnesium alloy producers are forecasting parity with aluminium alloys within a year.


USCAR – Magnesium Parts

T-Mag was the odd man out in the USCAR trial to produce a magnesium control arm for trial purposes under the US Government sponsored USCAR project. A number of US casting companies were funded to participate in the project with T-Mag the only non US company to join the program belatedly.

Company and CSIRO representatives visited the Program Office in Detroit in September 09 with support from Team Automotive Australia.

Not withstanding the late start T-Mag’s technology was the first to provide tested components that met the project’s brief. The program is expected to go into the next phase – pending Government support – with T-Mag anticipated to be one of two invited participants.

The ultimate outcome of the program will be to validate lightweight magnesium components that can be transferred into production cars of the future.

General Motors - Holden Commodore

GM Holden, T-Mag and the Australian government are finalising a product development program on a critical component for the VE Commodore vehicle. This will be conducted under the Auto CRC scheme.

Holden will be responsible for the lead on design and engineering and T-Mag will perform process development and provide components to Holden to perform tests to satisfy performance and durability requirements.

T-Mag manufactured and supplied finished LH and RH engine mounting brackets to GM Holden anticipating field trials in August 2013, with final test results available towards the end of the year.

T-Mag Collaboration with South Korea

T-Mag has been involved in trials for casting suspension components in Mg alloys for a world class Korean Tier 1 automotive supplier to the international automotive industry.

This has included many high level meetings and reciprocal visits to the respective R&D sites in Korea and Australia. Some 80 castings in the prescribed alloys have recently been supplied to the Korean site for testing.