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Strong and light

Magnesium alloys are approximately two thirds the density of aluminium alloys and one third the density of steel.

It’s the same strength with a lot less weight. So its strong and light but that’s not the only benefit. If you’re using lighter weight parts in vehicles, you’re improving the power/weight ratio and the most obvious benefits will be greater fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Magnesium alloys strength, impact resistance, damping, heat transfer capability, recyclability and machinability make it an ideal material when compared to aluminium, plastics, composites and steel.

The ability of the T-MAG™ process to incorporate sand cores, for complex hollow features inside castings, such as the cooling water passages in engine blocks, is a major competitive advantage. T-MAG™ castings can also be heat treated and welded, unlike high pressure diecastings.

Magnesium alloy wheels that are light and strong reducing weight and fuel consumption.