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Up to 95% Yield with
in-plant recycling

Traditional high pressure die-casting process which is currently used to produce 85 per cent of the world’s magnesium alloy components, struggles to be economically viable for bigger
complex castings.

The metal yield of traditional casting technology is low, at about
50 per cent. The unused metal can’t easily be recycled because
re-melting creates oxides and intermetallic compounds, and
of course the initial melting and then remelting of the scrap
consume large amounts of energy.

No more than 5 per cent of magnesium alloy is wasted during
the T-MAG™ process and the waste produced can be recycled.

There are immense cost savings due to low recycling of waste and once again T-Mag™ leads the field in cost efficient casting.

The T-Mag™ casting machine with 500KG  furnace at our Wingfield facility.