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T-Mag™ helps to reduce vehicle emissions through lower weight and reduced fuel consumption.

Clean and Green

The T-Mag™ process is by nature one that helps reduce the impact of the casting process and the end product has many green credentials.

Reducing weight and emissions

The T-Mag process produces lighter and stronger components than comparable casting systems and this means that the parts that go into vehicles are going to be lighter as well.

In a car this can dramatically affect the overall weight of the vehicle and this will reduce the fuel consumption and emissions.

A change the planet will appreciate.

Covergas management

A critical environmental consideration with the T-MAG™ process is management of the cover gas that is required to inhibit oxidation of the magnesium alloy in the molten state.
As the system is fully enclosed, cover gas consumption is very minimal. The use of cover gas blends is recommended, as opposed to the traditional sulphur hexafluoride, to minimise the effects of global warming during the production phase.