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About T-Mag™

T-Mag™ was established in 2007 as a joint venture by three South Australian entities in conjunction with Australia’s CSIRO to develop a new magnesium alloy casting system. The T-Mag™ partners all bring world class skill sets and technologies to the table and have all contributed heavily in the development of the machine and casting process.

Because of the difficulties in casting Mg alloys and prior to building a prototype machine, CSIRO carried out extensive design review to overcome or eliminate the many problems previously met while casting Mg. T-Mag then designed and built a larger machine which is installed at Wingfield in Adelaide
South Australia.

The current machine has been extensively trialled and has proven its capability to produce a range of custom parts that can be used in many applications. These parts range in size and complexity from a 19” motor cycle wheel to a small single cylinder motor cycle cylinder head, a high mass suspension component to a thin walled engine mount bracket, even Kart wheels and electric drive wheel for a solar car. The applications are particularly suited to automotive light-weighting projects
and components.

T-Mag™ now stands ready for work anywhere in the world thanks to its modular construction and ease of installation.

Magnesium engine components