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T-Mag Timeline

In our short history, T-Mag has achieved some great results in the commercialisation of our patented casting technology. In 2010 we are poised to deliver a total solution for magnesium alloy casting that will significantly reduce costs, emissions and waste.


  • Korean visits culminate in suspension component project.
  • Korean visitors present at Casting trials of high mass knuckles.
  • China visits to Beijing International Casting Expo.
  • T-Mag requested to present at CAANEVI conference in Xianyang.
  • T-Mag hosts Korean delegation in Melbourne.


  • T-Mag visits USA at request TAA.
  • Indian single cylinder head casting trials.
  • T-Mag visits GIFA – Dusseldorf Germany
  • China visits to interested component manufactures and Government agencies.


  • Indian Automotive Trade Mission - February 2010
  • Chinese delegation visit - February 2010
  • Second Chines delegation visit - March 2010
  • T-Mag attends International Magnesium Association conference in Hong Kong - May 2010
  • T-Mag visit to China with SA Government delegation - May 2010
  • Visit to Chinese Companies - May 2010
  • Large Chinese group visit planned - July 2010


  • Secures exclusive deal with Kenmar to distribut technology in USA and ASIA
  • Discussions with Holden Innovation.


  • T-Mag visited and displayed its patented process at CastExpo in Atlanta USA in May 2008
  • Full size 500KG machine installed at T-Mag partner ATI
  • T-Mag was an invited presenter at the CAR conference in Traverse City, USA in August 2008 and presented a paper in Manufacturing for Fuel Economy segment.
  • Inventure Partners join T-Mag
  • T-Mag begins work on a project with USCAR


  • T-Mag exhibits at GIFA
  • Foundation partners form T-Mag
  • 500KG casting machine built at T-Mag partner Flotek